Autentico Gilding Leaf


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Creative metallic leaf ideal for adding sparkle to picture frames and other small projects. Or go bold by adding leaf on walls and even bath tubs.

How to use:
Make sure the surface is clean and free from grease and dirt, lightly sand if needed. The colour of the surface will determine the overall appearance of your finished product. A red colour beneath gold will give a rich, warm tone, a blue colour beneath silver with give a cooler tone. Apply size to the surface, make sure the size is tacky before laying your leaf. Use a soft brush to apply the leaf, overlap each piece by 2mm to avoid any gaps. Once fully dry, seal your leaf with wax or varnish.

Type - Gilding Leaf
Brand - Autentico
Size - 25 x Leaf

Perfect for:
Using on furniture to create a vintage look, use in the home and for general crafting.