Autentico Sea Salt Fizz Creative Powder


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Autentico Sea Salt Fizz Creative Powder.

A creative powder which can be mixed with vintage chalk paint to create an aged, rustic look. Sea Salt Fizz creates wonderful craters of paint, you can literally see it fizzing in front of your eyes.

How to use:
Mix 10-30% of sea salt fizz with vintage chalk paint and apply using a brush to your painted surface. Watch as the mixture fizzes and creates textured craters, you can even sprinkle a little of the sea salt fizz on top to create more texture. Play around to create interesting textures and patches of different colours.
**Contains Citric Acid, please use gloves and safety goggles**

Type - Sea Salt Fizz
Brand - Autentico
Size - 250ml

Perfect for:
Using on furniture to create a vintage look, use in the home and for general crafting.