Polyvine Metallic Shimmer 500ml


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A luminous pearlised paint that dries to a polished lustre or add acrylic colourant for a pastel coloured finish. Can be used for both interiors and exteriors.

Create the metallic colour of your choice as pearlescent pigments and traditional colour pigments can be uniquely combined to create beautiful non tarnishing shimmering colours.
Mix with Polyvine Acrylic Colourant to create a huge range of pastel pearlescent colours. Used straight from the tin it creates a pearlised finish.

Unique qualities 

  • Suitable for interior walls, ornate plaster work, furniture, pottery
  • Suitable for exterior metal work, ornaments & sculptures
  • Drying time minimum of 2 hours, re-coat time 4 hours
  • Coverage 10m2

Application Ensure all surfaces are sound, clean, dry and free from rust and contamination. Lightly abrade previously painted surfaces before application to provide a key. Use by itself or mix a 50g acrylic colourant into a 500ml metallic shimmer. Ensure the product is thoroughly mixed. Try a small test area first. Apply 2-3 coats as required with a good quality brush. Roller and spray application - refer to technical data. On porous surfaces dilute the first coat with 10% water.

Caution Light reflection will accentuate brush marks and imperfections in the background. The covering ability of this paint will vary with the colour. Using the same colour paint as a base coat will significantly improve the depth of colour. The metallic shimmer is a pearlescent white, the mixed colour will therefore be pastel. It is essential to do a test area before application. High temperatures or direct sunlight will affect working time. Do not apply when rain is imminent.

Storage Protect from extremes of temperature during storage and application.

Health, Safety and the Environment Non-hazardous. Ensure good ventilation. Keep out of reach of children. Contact with eyes - wash immediately with warm water. Remove excess from tools and mixing vessels before washing in warm soapy water. Do not empty into drains or watercourses.